Eulogy apology

If you could hear your eulogy

Would you have lived your life

any different?

Would you believe it

if you can hear it?

Your eulogy.

your apology.


To write

To write without purpose,

without having the urge to tell a story

to write without using words

expressing feelings of the ordinary

not impressing anyone

To exist in the writing

without the wish to become from it

To write without answering anything

merely a subtle existence

in questioning  everything.

To write about nothing at all

experiencing the suspense of the void.

To write to no one, not even yourself.

To write


чист воздух издишувам

го рециклирам смогот

цигара без филтер сум

за издувни гасови

догорувам додека логорувам

на студен оган сам

сушам влажни мисли

чекам да се роди ден

без повторување, се чудам

дали мајка му е знаењето

заб на ова време, глад

блесок, молња, небреме.